Advisory Services

At TechVoyage, we offer a range of advisory services and take the time to assess the long term aspirations of our clients and hence try to build longer term relationships with them - the quick buck is often not the best path to value creation.
Because we have extensive experience in advising across various corporate paths, TechVoyage is able to offer innovative and unbiased advice. The firm is also able to analyse and compare multiple paths; eg: private equity v IPO v trade sale.
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Private Equity

Bilateral offering:

  • advising PE firms on acquisition or divestment

  • advising corporate vendors on sale to PE investors

The firm’s principals have a wealth of experience in private equity behavior. The firm also has a qualified PE database.

Corporate Research & Targeting

The firm deploys sophisticated targeting techniques to identify potential targets for acquisition or merger or investment.

The service can include industry reports that analyse key trends, industry structure, valuation benchmarks, competitive landscape, cost dynamics, regulatory environment etc. In some sectors TechVoyage already has extensive databases.

Expert Reports & Valuation

Tim Knapton was a rated analyst earlier in his career. The firm provides ad hoc research on small-medium sized listed companies.

Business Optimisation

TechVoyage offers a full suite of advisory services, comprising:

  • Business planning 

  • Strategy and competitive tactics 

  • Project-based trouble-shooting 

  • Benchmarking 

  • Margin improvement 

  • Debt structure 

  • Working capital management 

  • Value enhancement 

  • Exit and succession planning

The firm’s advisers can be engaged to advise on these individually or as a comprehensive solution.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The TechVoyage team has advised on M&A transactions ranging from $2M to $125M and is experienced at providing all aspects of advice, including:

  • Introducing acquisition targets that are potentially synergistic and persuading their owners to engage in exploratory discussions;

  • Analysing identified targets with a view to synergies, risk profiles, relative impact on valuation and other criteria such as capital raising potential;

  • Recommending and comparing possible acquisition structures;

  • Liaising with target companies with a view to delivering and explaining the potential benefits of any proposed acquisition paradigms;

  • Analysis of target information, including assessment of trading performance, competitive positioning, IP, balance sheet status, development/expansion plans and future trading prospects;

  • Providing negotiating tactics and assisting with negotiating price and other key acquisition terms such as scrip-cash ratios, earn-outs, performance incentives etc; and

  • Planning and streamlining due diligence and settlement.

The firm deploys sophisticated targeting techniques to identify potential targets for acquisition or merger or investment.

Equity Capital Markets
Between them, the founders have advised on, and arranged underwriting panels, for numerous IPOs, ranging in size from $2.5M to $600M and spanning most sectors of the market. TechVoyage can provide extensive IPO preparation programmes as well as organizing distribution syndicates aimed at maximizing after-market support. TechVoyage deals with most small cap fund managers and has a close working relationship with several leading retail brokers.

The team has extensive experience in underwriting secondary raisings such as: 

  • placements;

  • options exercise;

  • share purchase plans; and

  • rights issues

Business Sale


TechVoyage offers an end-to-end business or divisional divestment service, encompassing:

  • advising on pricing/valuation/timing; 

  • preparing an Information Memorandum 

  • identifying potential buyers, be they trade, private equity or high net worth 

  • engaging, and negotiating with, potential buyers to determine their level of interest; 

  • advising on the terms of any subsequent offers for the business or its assets 

  • assisting negotiations and suggesting negotiation tactics 

  • optimising key terms 

  • assisting to expedite due diligence and settlement.