TechVoyage is a more efficient way for wholesale investors to appraise listed and unlisted companies and for entrepreneurs to finance, acquire and exit them.

The core content form is a standardised and templated analytical video, structured so as to impart the maximum amount of investor-relevant information in the minimum time and thus act as a highly effective filtering tool for capital raising, M&A targeting and strategic partnership formation. We also have advisory services to help with any kind of capital raising or M&A transactional objectives. Click here to learn about how we work.

TechVoyage was founded lovingly by Tim Knapton, who prior to this, co-founded and was joint Managing Director of InterFinancial until its sale to an ASX-listed broking house. InterFinancial was prolific in technology transactions. By the time of the sale, it had become the largest corporate advisory firm in the small-mid cap sector in Australia.

Even before that, Tim was head of Corporate Broking at Deutsche Australia, which had a focus on technology and media/entertainment. Previously, Tim ran the research department of Rivkin James Capel and was rated #1 analyst in media.

For many years, Tim has enjoyed supplying financial commentary on a freelance basis to various newspapers and magazines, including his own columns in Australian Financial Review, BRW and Shares.

He and his team also really like launching rockets.

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Investment videos aid transactional processes

Optimise your investment thesis and its delivery

Capture the key info that investors need in an engaging format that maximises impact

Access the right investors (via our own database and others)​​

Track viewing data to drive follow up communications

Feedback on video helps inform decision making on whether to embark on a capital raising or sale process

The video can be used and distributed by a company and its advisors

Fulfil capital raising or M&A transactional objectives with our team of advisors & strategic partners

TechVoyage provides ongoing video maintenance and updates with no extra cost, even after the video has been uploaded

Corporate Videos & Other Content for Listed & Unlisted Companies

Promotional/Marketing Videos

Introduction videos help investors understand your company better and increases engagement.

Key Announcements

  • Acquisitions

  • Product Launches


  • Quarterly

  • Half yearly

  • Full year

Watch: Imdex FY2018 Results

Research Reports


We produce original research reports that are highly analytical. We create our own financial models that have been prepared according to consistent methodology and forecasting framework. Our analysts track over 500 ASX/NZX tech stocks which we can use in peer benchmarking and M&A research projects.


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