We make your investment message resonate and offer a range of corporate advisory services

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Overview Technologies: OutSmart™ by Overview Technologies is a patented DIY security system designed to keep people safe both at home and on the go.

A Disruptive Merger: TechVoyage merges two leading insights and analytics players - Fiftyfive5 and GalKal 

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We offer a range of advisory services

We have a team of advisors to help with any kind of capital raising or M&A transactional objectives.

  • Capital Raising - Private Equity, IPO, Trade & Family Office

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Corporate Research & Business Optimisation

Optimising & Distributing Your Investment Thesis


We script and produce concisely analytical videos that best distil the investment thesis


Our videos contain engaging graphics and data to reinforce key messages.


We selectively broadcast to our database of >1000 wholesale investors, comprising:

  • listed fund managers

  • brokers/advisors

  • family offices

  • high net worth investors

  • local and international PE & hedge funds

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We produce research reports


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TechVoyage collaborates with Stockhead to bring you TechTalk, a video series featuring a roundtable of industry experts discussing a new investing topic each week. The series is hosted by TechVoyage's very own founder, Tim Knapton.

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