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Outsmart - Overview Technologies, Inc

This US company has developed a patented DIY security system called OutSmart™ designed to keep people safe both at home and on the go.

Scrypt Ventures

Scrypt is a cloud-based dispensary workflow tool that consolidates multiple services onto a single platform, offering an integrated solution for pharmacies and patients.


golfproperty.com is the only global English/Chinese language platform focusing on golf property spanning Australia, NZ, USA, India, China, Greater Asia and Europe.


Currently, the Allied Health Markets are fragmented. Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology Clinics Australia (OTSP) aims to solve this by acquiring existing practices to create a leading allied health care brand.


Arbortech has been recognised for its world leading innovations in cutting tools and accessories. It has developed a wide range of versatile woodworking and masonry products that are being successfully marketed worldwide.

MAKO Energy - Elemental Energy Technologies

Elemental Energy Technologies has developed the MAKO Tidal Energy System as a cost-effective free-stream hydro turbine to produce a world first – 100% predictable renewable energy.

HydraCell - Hydra Light International

Hydra Light has developed the award winning HydraCell fuel cell and associated line of hand-held light and power products. HydraCell is a portable, safe and ecologically friendly alternative to conventional batteries for use in emergency and remote situations.

STAR Water Solutions

STAR Water Solutions provide treatment and reuse technologies that deliver proven, cost effective and efficient performance for urban stormwater, industrial, mining and agricultural runoff and industrial waste water systems.

Lava Blue

The company is developing a High Purity Alumina project in North Queensland and plans on ultimately producing 5,000 tonnes per annum of this high value nano-material that is used in the production of Lithium ion Batteries.


LifeReady aggregates, curates and encrypts critical information while facilitating secure access for trusted contacts when it matters. It empowers users to be ready for whatever life brings their way.

Montage Commercial Interiors

The Montage Group has grown consistently to become a leading and highly profitable supplier of commercial office furniture in Australia and New Zealand.

Penny Inc

Penny Inc is a simple and free expense management system created to provide small to medium businesses with unprecedented control over business expenses.


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