Bubs Australia


Bubs Australia dominates Australia’s goat milk market and is now casting covetous eyes over the burgeoning market for goat milk formula in China.

Clean Seas Tuna (ASX:CSS)

Clean Seas Tuna is the global leader in full cycle breeding, production and sale of Yellowtail Kingfish and is the leading aquaculture layer outside Japan.

Speedcast International (ASX:SDA)

Speedcast International Limited is an Australian company specialising in communications satellite technology. Disappointment with the last trading results have caused a large drop in the share price, but has the market been too harsh?

SomnoMed (ASX:SOM)

SomnoMed is gaining market traction for its sleep apnoea treatment devices.

Citadel Group (ASX:CGL)

Citadel Group provides critical information management solutions ranging from secure file collaboration, to unified communications, identity management, mobile file access and complex enterprise IT architecture.

Temple & Webster (ASX:TPW)

Temple & Webster prides itself on stocking the broadest product mix in its core segments and hence has become clear online market leader in a consumer segment worth almost $14billion per annum.

Kogan.com (ASX:KGN)

Kogan is one of Australia’s top five online retailers with a broad merchandise mix that spans TV home electronics, computing, cameras, appliances, office supplies, sports, fashion and health and beauty.

Keytone Dairy (ASX:KTD)

Keytone manufactures high quality dairy products sourced from New Zealand, and now Australia, and exported to China and most of the rest of Asia

Compumedics (ASX:CMP)

Compumedics specialises in sleep and neurology diagnostics and treatment. Its product range comprises of medical devices and software.

Enero Group (ASX:EGG)

Enero group operates a portfolio of marketing businesses that embody the much condensed remnants of what was once Photon Group, which was forced to dramatically downsize post GFC due to over-gearing.

Redbubble (ASX:RBL)

Redbubble has a mission to build the world’s largest online showcase for independent artists, with a core target of creative millennials.

Impelus (ASX:IMS)

Impelus operates digital customer acquisition and lead generation businesses in Australia and the UK that provide brands with targeted access to mobile users.

Yojee (ASX:YOJ)

The Yojee Software as a Service platform allows freight operators to manage cross-border, national and last-mile logistics with real-time tracking and efficient customs clearances.

New Zealand King Salmon (ASX:NZK)

New Zealand King Salmon farms off the coast of the South Island supply over 50% of world demand for a seafood product that is very high in Omega 3 content. Despite that, king salmon accounts for less than 1% of the global salmon market, spelling abundant upside.

Beyond International (ASX:BYI)

Beyond is a TV production and TV/DVD distribution company with a digital marketing arm. The company’s creative pedigree has consistently allowed it to generate successful product and product that travels internationally.

Sky and Space Global (ASX:SAS)

Sky and Space Global is significantly reducing infrastructure cost through a combination of miniaturisation - in the form of its nano-satellites - and more importantly – through proprietary network management software.

Imdex FY18 Result (ASX:IMD)

Watch this video to learn about Imdex's FY2018 result and the outlook from here.